cable organizer cablehub 50x50 - The Cablehub: Managing Cables, Managing Clutter

The Cablehub: Managing Cables, Managing Clutter


Cables are everywhere. We have so many smartphones, laptops, tablets, whatnots and other things that just drape cables over our desks, couches, counters, and chairs. And while these cables are very useful, and completely necessary until wireless charging is standard, they’re annoying, to say the least.

The Cablehub is the perfect remedy.

Available as Square or Circle, the Cablehub is capable of organizing 7 chords, keeping them all poised for charging and free of tangles.


There are innumerable colors for the Cablehub, and the two designs, the Square really being a strange octagon, are fun to look at. At the center of the Cablehub is where the real design is. Using the DesignStudio, you can customize the image at the center of the Cablehub, creating a power sign if you want to be rather average, or adding a photo of a wild scene if you want to express yourself a little more.

Until someone creates another form of charging that does away with cables altogether, we need them, so we turn to tools like the Cablehub to manage them as well as our stress levels.


Photography courtesy of Cablehub.

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