fingerings judith ann braun 4 - Fingerings: Judith Ann Braun exhibition at Chrysler museum of  art

Fingerings: Judith Ann Braun exhibition at Chrysler museum of art


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, don’t they? Well, how about diamond dust? Diamond dust is a temporary art installation still taking place till January 2013 at the Chrysler Museum of Art. It presents the wonderful work of Judith Ann Braun, who actually used her fingers dipped in charcoal. Its creation lasted for 7 days and it was done live for public viewing while also being live-streamed by web cam.

Charcoal, diamonds, how do these seemingly unrelated elements come together? Diamonds are actually formed when the carbon medium of charcoal comes under pressure. So, all this masterpiece is created with the dust of charcoal, or else dust of diamonds.

From the title, to the thought and symbolism behind it, to the magnificent details achieved using this humble medium and ones fingers, this whole thing fascinates me! Symmetry prevails and tiny dots or abstract symmetries seem to portray the prettiest of little flowers and other kind of flora, all inspired by the surrounding country side of Virginia.


In its creation, thirteen art students assisted by executing the Diamond dust graphic at the end of the wall. The best part of all is expected at the end of this exhibition, when the charcoal painting, after having passed through all seasons, will ceremoniously be painted over. I’d just love to be present.



* More info at Judith Ann Braun

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