melting chair aduatz 3 50x50 - Melting Chair: a futuristic meltdown

Melting Chair: a futuristic meltdown


When art, architecture, and science fiction collide, things may get pretty messy (in a good way). Meet the Melting Chair. This unique work of art by Phillipp Aduatz is not your average piece of furniture. Resembling what looks like a futuristic meltdown, the Melting Chair is constructed from glass fiber reinforced polymer with a mirror like scratch resistant silver and polyurethane laqure coating.

Aduatz’s goal in creating the Melting Chair was to ‘capture a transient transformation within a sculptural object’, which was achieved by studying the formation of liquids and melting of solids. The Melting Chair may pose a challenge in regards to its placement amongst the decorum in your home, so I will give you a helpful tip: keep away from direct sunlight, or you might end up with a melting stool.

Designers: Phillipp Aduatz





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