herb pot sagaform - Sagaform Herb Pot: a perfect little herb garden

Sagaform Herb Pot: a perfect little herb garden


I love using fresh herbs. I find that nothing is as satisfying as the smells and flavors that fresh cut herbs add to my cooking. Because I don’t have a “green thumb” I haven’t been very successful at growing my own herbs. I know it’s supposed to be simple to grow them, but all my herb pots seem to die on me.

I purchase my fresh herbs at the farmers market but I always end up throwing most of them out as they don’t keep very well, and drying them defeats the purpose. Then I received the Sagaform Herb Pot, and was introduced to an ingenious way to enjoy fresh herbs.

Sagafrom is a Swedish company that makes amazing stuff for the home (especially for the kitchen and garden). Their style is simple and very stylish and these herb pots are no exception.

The Sagaform Herb Pot is a stoneware watering pot that can hold one, two or three plants. It’s basically a wide container which sits in a closed tray with a built-in opening in one corner for easy watering. Each pot easily holds a bunch of herbs, the stalks are aerated and get a constant supply of fresh water so they don’t get limp and waterlogged.

So now, without a need for a garden or green thumbs, thanks to my Sagaform Herb Pot and a sunny windowsill, I enjoy a fresh supply of edible and medicinal herbs straight from my new kitchen herb garden.




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