glass water carafe fontana2 50x50 - Fontana Water Carafe: Pure, Clear Refreshing

Fontana Water Carafe: Pure, Clear Refreshing


Imagine… You’re sitting down for an alfresco meal, you have delicious food on the table, a bottle of wine, candles, the whole lot. There’s only one thing missing – a fresh cool drink to start with. The Fontana Water Carafe is just what you need to serve your guests in style and leave them wanting more.

The Fontana is an elegant carafe that will make you happy and proud to serve cold beverage with in every meal. Made of clear glass with silicon and plastic in a matt finish with a capacity of 1 Liter, this is the way you’d like to serve your beverages. Available in black, blue, green and red, this carafe is pure, clear and refreshing.



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