designer glassware future 32 50x50 - Future Collection: Glassware reflection

Future Collection: Glassware reflection


This beautiful glassware collection was designed by Peter Svarrer for Holmegaard for over a decade ago. Back then it represented his answer to the water glass of the future, hence the name. No doubt, his elegant design still holds up today.

In addition, the collection also includes an array of delicate glassware, such as jug/carafe, champagne and wine glasses – some mouth blown, some machine made – all in various sizes and soft transparent colors.

One of the things that caught my eye was the uniquely-designed, curvacious shape of each and every item, as if reflecting the gesture of the feminine silhouette.

Lavender, aquamarine, indigo, hyacint, blue, green, rose, and spring, are the gentle hues that decorate the entire collection – each one true to its nature, brightening up everyday life.






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One thought on “Future Collection: Glassware reflection

  1. Ramin

    I love that your dining room has a sense of fmilay history, it makes such sense for a space used for fmilay gatherings and celebrations! I definitely need to add some personal touches to our dining room that seems to be a problem for me throughout our house for some reason. Your dining room looks fab!!


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