stemware rack cuisipro2 50x50 - Cuisipro Stemware Rack: Hang Out To dry

Cuisipro Stemware Rack: Hang Out To dry


This Stemware Rack, from Cuisipro, is an elegant drying rack that will let you air dry and display wine glasses or champagne flutes in a stylish, sophisticated way. The arms of the rack are angled to securely cradle a variety of glasses; durable, frosted plastic “fingers” at the ends of the arms protect glass from scratches and chips. A sturdy, wide basin catches water drops as your stemware dries. The easy-to-grasp top knob makes it easy to move the rack from the countertop to the bar or table. With a capacity for 8 glasses, you can be assured you’ll have enough for your next dinner party.

The way you decorate your kitchen or dining area, says a lot about your personality. Heck, your home decor is a total reflection of who you are. Presenting your wine glasses sends a message of class, style and elegance, no doubt about that, and it also sends a message of always-willing-to-enjoy-some-good-time kind of a person. This would also make a great present for anyone who enjoys drinking wine or entertaining dinner parties.



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