01 ZENITHAL PHILIPPE STARCK 50x50 - Baccarat Highlights 2013: the magic of crystal

Baccarat Highlights 2013: the magic of crystal


What happens when some of the world’s most famous designers are joined by students of the Lausanne art of school, ECAL in order to translate legends of the past into the language of the present? Even more, what happens when Fernando & Humberto Campana, Louise Campbell, Jean-Marc Gady, Jaime Hayon, Arik Levy, Philippe Nigro and Philippe Stark join forces united under the legendary name of Baccarat? Well, one thing is certain: magic is created. Continue reading

pendant lamps everly3 50x50 - The Everly Collection: Classically Modern

The Everly Collection: Classically Modern


The Everly collection of pendant lamps possibly owes its name to the fact that when choosing lighting fixtures, going kind of classic is not only a safe choice but also a choice that will ensure durability for years to come. Inspired by the decorative blown glass containers, the Everly collection from Kichler Lighting is made from clear glass, offered in two basic shapes, combined with two types of hardware, making a total of four designs that work well with one another and suitable for satisfying various tastes. Continue reading

pendant lamp globe5 50x50 - Globe Light: A happy couple

Globe Light: A happy couple


The Globe Light is a versatile pairing of a spherical pendant light plus a concave reflecting plate. The design bounces light off the disc instead of shining directly into a room, giving off a flattering warm and even glow. The lights themselves can also be used alone or clustered, or bounced off another surface to the same effect. Continue reading

plumen lightbulb shades 50x50 - Plumen 001Low-Energy Lightbulb + Pharaoh shade + Drop Cap Pendant

Plumen 001Low-Energy Lightbulb + Pharaoh shade + Drop Cap Pendant


This bright family from lighting specialist Plumen has brought design to an everyday object. The low-energy bulb is a sexed-up version of standard forms in curving lines to form droplet shape that comes in standard mini styles thus suitable for main lights and also lamps. Continue reading

table lamp blom 50x50 - Blom Lamp: just like a flower

Blom Lamp: just like a flower


The beauty of Blom delicately captures the form of a flower. Designed by Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik, this lovely table lamp was inspired by the shifting light and seasonal changes of the Nordic countries. And just like a flower that turns towards the light, so can Blom’s petal shaped blades be directed to adjust its light. Continue reading

study lamp lightboard 50x50 - Lightboard: burning the midnight oil

Lightboard: burning the midnight oil


Exams, studying… reading pages after pages, making summaries, taking notes… these are certainly not the happiest of memories for quite a big bunch of people, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong! I do remember doing everything in my power to make the studying hours and method more efficient, interesting and somehow appealing. I’d make little notes written in my best handwriting in pretty colors, I’d underline, pin on my cork board and try to use everything while I was lecturing myself on the whole subject I’d be working on.

What I didn’t have, was a lightboard. A nice, sleek sheet of epoxy coated laminated steel, in white of course, with an integrated light, ready to create a cozy ambiance even during the darkest hours of studying. Continue reading

philips hue bulb 4 50x50 - Philips Hue Connected Bulb: Dim the Lights, Perfect.

Philips Hue Connected Bulb: Dim the Lights, Perfect.


A lot of modern life seems to have to do with controlling your environment. Either for your bedroom or your office, the options are all over for you to adjust temperature, humidity, noise levels, and especially lighting. The best of these options are the most beautifully designed.

The Hue Bulb series from appliance standard-bearers Philips paired with Apple to create a completely personalized lighting experience. Continue reading

table lamp up 50x50 - Up Lamp: upside down

Up Lamp: upside down


Stockholm-based architect and designer, Mattias Stahlbom, brought a new twist to the table lamp. The new design plays with the form of the traditional lamp, turning its shape upside down. The result does not only look good but it also allows the user to enjoy different lighting and moods just by rotating the position of this ambient lamp shade. Continue reading

pendant lamp favorite4 50x50 - Favorite Things Pendant Lamp: Light up your life, literally.

Favorite Things Pendant Lamp: Light up your life, literally.


The Favorite Things lamp by Chen Karlsson blends together a display case and modernist pendant light, to great effect. Place your favorite trinket in the suspended transparent bubble below the bulb to capture the beauty of small things. It’s pretty good-looking too, available in 3 bang-on-trend colorways in semi-matte polypropylene (Charcoal / Pastel Green, Light Grey Cloud / Gold and Mustard yellow / Navy). Continue reading

portable light alessi lux 2 50x50 - Alessi Lux portable luminaires

Alessi Lux portable luminaires


What’s your approach to the existence of UFOs or else simply and commonly “flying unidentified objects”? Whether positive or negative, there is a chance to reconsider the whole concept, thanks to Alessi Lux portable luminaires. Cute as button only but few could argue, while many could support the view that they are bringing home lighting to a next level.
Torches? Lanterns whit flickering candles? Leave that behind and give it a try with these portable light bulbs, completely cable free, which can illuminate your every step through out your home, in an emergency or just for fun! But for those which need the feeling or warmth candles and lanterns bring, just wait a few more lines till I share something that you’ll probably love. Continue reading