unique wall lamp mikado - Mikado Lamp Collection: Good design meets nature

Mikado Lamp Collection: Good design meets nature


When good design meets nature, then a family of lamps designed by Miguel Herranz , win the “design plus” award in “Lighting and Building” hosted in Frankfurt, 2006. Being a confessed nature lover and a design lover simultaneously, these lamps could hardly have slipped my attention, while easily won my appreciation. Continue reading

mood lamp toobe - Toobe Lamp: Dazzling Lights

Toobe Lamp: Dazzling Lights


We always talk about how much light can change the atmosphere of a room and we also reviewed lots of unique lamps in the past few months, but there is always something new and special to talk about especially when it comes to lighting fixtures.

I want to talk about the stylish Toobe Lamp that left me speechless. The simple yet creative design of this lamp lies in a special extruded tube made from a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which creates an outstanding smoked color effect thanks to an innovative technology. Continue reading

unique pendant light link - Link Lamp Collection: Wood Veneer’s Shining Moment

Link Lamp Collection: Wood Veneer’s Shining Moment


Lzf makes special lights out of wood veneer that will astound you – especially the Link Lamp collection. The lamp shade’s sexy curves are a result of geometric observations and the study of form. Smarts and looks? What more could you want, right? Continue reading

jielde lamps signal 3 - Jielde Lamps: a french industrial icon

Jielde Lamps: a french industrial icon


Whether placed on the floor, attached to the wall or ceiling, or maybe standing on a work desk, there’s no denying that the classic lamp collection by Jean-Louis Domecq ,or in short Jielde, has that French allure written all over it. I wonder where Pixar took their inspiration from for their cute little lamp? Continue reading

light diffuser lightdisc 7 - LightDisc Light Diffuser: Your own personal halo

LightDisc Light Diffuser: Your own personal halo


Lately I’ve decided to re-decorate my house, and this time I chose to start by changing my old light fixtures. And boy let me tell you, there are so many different types on the market you simply dont know what to choose; confused and frustrated, I told myself not to give in and I’m so happy I didn’t, because then I saw what I was looking for. It’s called the LightDisc – a sleek modern lighting fixture made from two, super thin polycarbonate shells that seem to blend perfectly with the wall. Continue reading

mirror ball lamp td 7 - Mirror Ball Collection: Mirror mirror on the ball

Mirror Ball Collection: Mirror mirror on the ball


There is something we all can agree on, different lights can change our mood and set the entire ambiance just as we want. The beautiful Mirror Ball Collection by Tom Dixon does not only change the atmosphere in terms of light but also gives your house a unique avant-garde design. Continue reading

floor lamp tab - Tab Lighting: T for Table, F for Floor

Tab Lighting: T for Table, F for Floor


This award winning lamp collection, designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Flos, is all about class and elegance combined in a unique lighting fixture. Wherever you decide to place it, whether on your work desk or in the corner of your living room, be assured that it will make a statement of fine craftsmanship and style. Continue reading

unique table lamps take - Kartell Take Lamp: Lightastic!

Kartell Take Lamp: Lightastic!


Last week I’ve stared at my living room and thought to myself it’s about time to buy some new items, this stuff needs to get out of here! And what better way to start decorating than with a new table lamp.

That’s why the unique design of the Take Lamp instantly caught my eye; first, its shape comes from combining two joined symmetrical parts: two flat, a rectangular and two- dimensional plates that each one of them assumes the shape and volume of a half-lamp; second, its complex luminous-crystalline light gives the room a cool vibe. Continue reading

unique hanging lamp arcadia - Arcadia Hanging Lamps: a peaceful ambiance

Arcadia Hanging Lamps: a peaceful ambiance


In ancient Greece, Arcadia was a metaphor for happiness and peace of mind. Once you see the light emitting from the Arcadia Collection you can understand what the ancient Greeks meant. Available in various forms and sizes, these elegant hanging lamps feature a pierced nickel frame, beautifully polished, with a beaded lamp shade. This unique design allows the light to sparkle through and create a peaceful ambiance. Continue reading

modern table lamp rook 31 - Rook Table Lamp: light with an attitude

Rook Table Lamp: light with an attitude


The Rook table lamp is one of the highlights of Blu Dot’s new collection of home furnishing. This unique lamp is a playful light fixture with a wide and chunky three-legged, solid walnut wood base with an off-white linen shade and a gray 80” cloth cord.

At first glance it looks very simple but the proportion of the stand and the play of the color contrast between the dark wood and the light shade give it a modern sleek look with a warm feel to it. The Rook has also a playful quality because you can place it on three legs with its shade pointed up, or balance it on a single edge with the shade cantilevered to the side. Continue reading