study lamp lightboard 50x50 - Lightboard: burning the midnight oil

Lightboard: burning the midnight oil


Exams, studying… reading pages after pages, making summaries, taking notes… these are certainly not the happiest of memories for quite a big bunch of people, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong! I do remember doing everything in my power to make the studying hours and method more efficient, interesting and somehow appealing. I’d make little notes written in my best handwriting in pretty colors, I’d underline, pin on my cork board and try to use everything while I was lecturing myself on the whole subject I’d be working on.

What I didn’t have, was a lightboard. A nice, sleek sheet of epoxy coated laminated steel, in white of course, with an integrated light, ready to create a cozy ambiance even during the darkest hours of studying.

I didn’t have that dual purpose board where everything could be magnetically held in position, only till I decided to take something off or add another note or picture.

I don’t know if studying would have been more effective, but I do know for sure it would have been done in a more pleasant way, and that counts a lot, doesn’t it? After all it’s the way we do things, and that includes the things we’d rather didn’t have to do. And for sure, my friends would have had their own one, others in blue and others in red. And you dear parents of teenagers out there or students, which one would you love to bring to your office / desk?



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