industrial lamp asa2 50x50 - Asa lamp by Santa & Cole

Asa lamp by Santa & Cole


Let me share with you today a marvelous, new industrial designed lamp, already counting about… half a century of a lifetime. What? A new design which is actually more than 50 years old? What an “innovation” you might come out arguing. Well, not before you familiarize yourself with Asa, a lamp that was first designed and produced in 1961 by Miguel Mila’s and the company he established to bring to life his own work, TRAMO, which carried the amusing name of “Trabajos Molestos” or else translated from Spanish, “Annoying jobs”. Continue reading

wall lamp shelf sunday2 50x50 - "Sunday": poetry meets function

“Sunday”: poetry meets function


How about some functionality with a dose of poetry all in one? This is how I see Sundays! Functional because one is free to use such days as they wish, nevertheless poetic cause let’s be honest, what is more poetic than breakfast in bed or brunches, cuddling with your loved one, enjoying the view from your bedroom window while reading your favorite books together, side by side? What is more poetic than the simple moments life offers?

Let me not argue about this issue any more and get to this post’s point, which is no other than sharing with you this lovely shelf and wall light combined in one object. An object named after the day we were just talking about: Sunday! Continue reading

glassbulb lamp oooms 22 50x50 - Glassbulb Lamp from OOOMS

Glassbulb Lamp from OOOMS


Playing around with design can sometimes bring out the most creative of combinations. For example, when I think about a glass of nice Bordeaux, I find myself daydreaming about soft lighting and a relaxing ambiance… and there you have it, all combined in one beautiful product by The Netherlands-based design studio called Oooms.

What started as an assignment at The Design Academy, became a unique pendant lamp shaped like a wineglass. First, it serves as a lamp, but when the lamp is burned out (after approx. 20.000 hours), the glass can start its second life as a wineglass. How lovely, and Eco-friendly too. Continue reading

pendant lamp allumeuse 5 - Allumeuse Lamp: the evolution of the past

Allumeuse Lamp: the evolution of the past


Designers never seize to amaze us with their innovative ideas. It must be the case that they are always inspired by the world and objects around them. I’m a confessed design lover and cannot help it but applaud when people get creative by seeing things differently. What particularly attracts me is the boldness of designers to incorporate some humor and / or irony in their creations.

Take as an example this wonderful pendant lamp, which was conceived by Felix Guyon and realized by the French company La firme. Continue reading

shelf lamp raffredi 4 - ShelfLamp: facing the economic crisis, shelf by shelf

ShelfLamp: facing the economic crisis, shelf by shelf


26 year old Italian designer William Raffredi certainly knows how to adjust to the difficult times of crises his own country as much as many others all around Europe and around the world are facing. To conceive and to create great design is one thing. To be able to do so by using low cost materials, easily found everywhere is taking design a step further and much more close to the needs of current societies.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines paired together with curves, the three different designs of shelves William has brilliantly come up with are simple constructions made of flat wooden boards, lengths of electrical cable, light bulbs and some light fixtures. Continue reading

unique lamps pablo solis 3 - Pablo Solis Freestanding lamps: a play of light and shadows

Pablo Solis Freestanding lamps: a play of light and shadows


Light is such an important element in interior spaces, not only practically speaking but also as a mood creator. When the pretty and bright natural light that hopefully our interior spaces are bathed into fades away and the time comes for artificial light to shine, it is particularly atmosphere inducing to have a play between light and shadows.

This play between light and shadows is the exact characteristic that makes Pablo Solis lamps, designed by Carmine Deganello, stand out and draw our attention. Continue reading

ship lamp sheltons 2 - Shelton's ship lamp: a classic design's transformation

Shelton’s ship lamp: a classic design’s transformation


When the classic ship lamp, burning on kerosene or lamp oil, gets in the hands of a Danish designer like Erik Magnussen, one has to expect a total transformation of it, wouldn’t you agree? Look for yourselves how it is transformed to a super elegant, updated piece of design, featuring clean lines and minimalism!

Made from satin, polished, stainless steel, it is so pretty that it can discretely light up your evenings, not only while being in maritime surroundings, but also when enjoying your garden and / or your veranda. Continue reading

led task lamp kelvin 61 - FLOS Kelvin LED collection: warm light and human comfort

FLOS Kelvin LED collection: warm light and human comfort


A new vision in LED technology, aiming at people’s comfort, led to the creation of this amazing line of lights, designed by Antonio Citteria for FLOS.

The Kelvin LED collection is a fabulous example of how good design can serve people, while respecting nature. The floor, task and mini table lamps all feature a revolutionary way of switching them on: simply by a double touch, thanks to the sensor that has been incorporated in the head. Continue reading

pendant lamp agave 4 - Agave Lamp Collection: Cheerleaders for Fluorescents

Agave Lamp Collection: Cheerleaders for Fluorescents


The stylish Agave lamp collection consists of three pendant styles, each with a unique look; parabolic, spherical and elliptical.

These unique lighting fixtures don’t only look awesome, but they help the case for fluorescents in residential spaces. The design and material of the fixtures themselves help to de-materialize the light and disperse it in a way that renders fluorescent light more attractive. It also comes with yellow, blue and red filters for added lighting effects. Continue reading

table floor lamp tilt 3 - Tilt M and P lamps: lighting sculptures

Tilt M and P lamps: lighting sculptures


Something between a solid statue and a slightly moving item, Tilt M and P table and floor lamps, designed by Spanish Victor Carrasco available at Lzf, have caught my attention.

Cylindrical bases are holding shades intentionally and discretely tilting to the one side. Having an unmistakable form, resembling an acquired pose, it is this very feature that totally fascinates me. The tilting shade introduces an element of movement which brings the whole design to life. What a charming play of volumes and light! Continue reading