task floor light jd1 800x453 - CSYS Tall & Task Lights

CSYS Tall & Task Lights

It is common knowledge that light bulb technology has come a long way. In addition, many of us are concerned about how to properly dispose of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs so as not to harm our fragile environment. A welcome addition to the category of task and floor lights is the JDP CSYS line of environmentally sound, dimmable LED lights that combines innovative design and modern technology. Not only are these lights beautiful to look at, they also provide a warm glow and are energy efficient at only 8w. Continue reading

modular pendant light hood41 800x533 - Hood Modular Pendant: Mix and Match Lighting

Hood Modular Pendant: Mix and Match Lighting

The Hood Modular Pendant is too cool. And I’m not even sure if pendant is an accurate description, nor is chandelier or light. The Hood is something like an interactive light experience. Continue reading

floor lamp choup5 50x50 - The Chou Lamp Collection Will Transport You to Ancient China

The Chou Lamp Collection Will Transport You to Ancient China


Inspired by old 1960s film The World of Suzie Wong, with its depictions of the innumerable ornaments of Hong Kong architecture and design, the Chou Lamp is a reworking of a classic Chinese lantern. Continue reading

pendant lamp oiseau81 800x600 - Lampe Oiseau: Light in a Nest

Lampe Oiseau: Light in a Nest

Like a brand new bird cracking its shell or flying off from its nest, Lampe Oiseau is a brilliant pendant design that seems to symbolizes the pull of home and the appeal of leaving. The outer surface of the pendant is completely smooth like the calcified exterior of a shell or freshly-fired pottery. Inside is wood resembling the leaves, twigs, and sticks that birds collect to form the skeleton of their nests. Continue reading

pendant light juicy1 800x395 - Juicy Pendants: Basic Elegance

Juicy Pendants: Basic Elegance

Hovering like a UFO from the ceiling, the Juicy Pendant is a smooth teardrop of a light designed by Salto & Sigsgaard. Consisting of a wire, cone, and shade section, the pendant distributes diffuse illumination like the classic icons of Mid-Century lighting. Continue reading

ceramic lamp cable light 5 50x50 - Cable light: An unexpected hint of harbor in your home

Cable light: An unexpected hint of harbor in your home


I adore ceramic as a material, and Patrick Hartog’s ceramic cable lights made from un-glazed white earthenware are just perfect for our kitchen working area. The way the designer presents the electric cord, wrapped around the ceramic lampshade, is totally to my liking and the finishing touch of the metal ring on top is just perfect. It makes sure that the light is balanced, while it clearly connects to the mooring bollards created from strong metal widely seen on wharves, where Patrick was inspired to bring this beautiful lamp into life. I love me some connection to my country of origin – Greece – in my German home by the woods! Continue reading

portable light lumio 6 50x50 - Lumio: An amazing illuminated book

Lumio: An amazing illuminated book


Do you believe in dreams coming true? Perhaps – and hopefully – you believe in magic as well? Then understanding the magnificence characterizing this amazing creation will be easy! Lumio is a portable, rechargeable, powerful and “insanely” beautiful indoor and outdoor light, with the power to illuminate a dinner party while compact enough to fit into a bag! Yes, you heard well. Lumio is a pretty, cordless lamp, which unfolds from the shape of a book, seemingly by magic. As you may have well guessed, “magic” here stands for design excellence with absolute focus on functionality, while celebrating aesthetics. Continue reading

vintage lamp sconce rh 50x50 - RH Sconce lighting: previous century charm

RH Sconce lighting: previous century charm


Currently in the process of remaking our recently fit glossy white kitchen, dark shades of grey for just one wall and industrial lighting fitted on it seem to dominate my visions. An eternal lover of light and white paint, a simple and effective way of bringing in even more light through reflections, especially when winter approaches, dark tones and atmospheric lighting seem to attract me. When I stumbled upon the classic sconce lighting collection from RH, I felt I might have as well found a very good candidate to fulfill my plans. Continue reading

suspension lights nimba 50x50 - Nimba Suspension Light: Mystery suspended above your table

Nimba Suspension Light: Mystery suspended above your table


Watch out for it could be aliens hanging no further than above your dining table… or library table, or anywhere for that matter! The Nimba suspension light possibly enforces correlations with what we have been taught to associate UFO’s with: circular light objects suspending in the air. According to the designer, Antoni Arola, Nimba owes its name to being “like the nimbus or aureole of holy images, which may be seen, but are not there”. And I couldn’t agree more, as the association with the unidentified flying object came second to that one of saints. It’s a comforting thought, that of having saints looking after us quietly as we dine, read or simply get together with family and friends. Continue reading

suspension lamps letrulle 50x50 - Le Trulle: suspended sculptures of light

Le Trulle: suspended sculptures of light


When everyday objects like lamps are transformed into absolute poetry, there is definitely much more coming into our lives than just mere light. Childhood recollections, good moods can be all communicated via an object’s design and this is exactly what Edmondo Testaguzza managed to do, when designing his collection of suspended lamps, carrying the name Le Trulle. They are beautiful ceramic lamps featuring soft lines, total absence of edges, where the upper part is connected to a metal thread shade, all bonded together under the common denominator of total whiteness. Continue reading