recycled leather containers pnti7 50x50 - Recycled Leather Containers: Binning it, not wasting it

Recycled Leather Containers: Binning it, not wasting it


The Euclide bin and Ovo basket by Pinetti use recycled leather offcuts to construct strong, striking (and functional) multi-use storage containers. They are both available in pearl white, metallic taupe, metallic black and coral orange. Continue reading

collapsible hanger wardrobe 50x50 - Foldable Wardrobe: Because good design should always exist

Foldable Wardrobe: Because good design should always exist


Manufactum’s strapline: ‘The good things in life still exist’ is definitely lived out in this time tested but extremely hip design. A simple concertina mechanism in aluminum and maplewood with a series of hooks on the underside come together to create a wardrobe or coat stand that is only there when you need it. Continue reading

storage units ceasar 50x50 - Ceasar Living Collection: timeless modern furniture

Ceasar Living Collection: timeless modern furniture


While Goethe brilliantly pointed out that architecture is frozen music, I cannot stop comparing beautiful design with poetry. Especially when the subject is multi functional storage and display solutions where dialogue among shapes, volumes and lines seems to be an endless play of possibilities for magic to be written in any way other than words rhyming with one another do. Continue reading

storage boxes schellman 50x50 - Storage and Five Boxes: Teaching An Old Box New Tricks

Storage and Five Boxes: Teaching An Old Box New Tricks


A vertical and horizontal shelf in orange and grey, plus a horizontal shelf and a sideboard in grey and yellow composite the Storage and Five Boxes series. Based on square pole metal frames, and using standard vinyl boxes found in most hardware stores, the piece is a song to simplicity. Continue reading

step ladder malmvall r 50x50 - Step Ladder: reach for the top

Step Ladder: reach for the top


Leave it to the Swedes to take something ordinary like a step ladder and transform it into a piece of furniture you would consider hanging on your wall. Industrial designer Karl Malmvall created a functional yet beautifully-designed stepladder, so now you can change a light bulb or reach for that top shelf in style and comfort. Continue reading

sofa storage eastpack 5 50x50 - Eastpack Sofa: Club Sofa

Eastpack Sofa: Club Sofa


What happens when a great furniture company meets with a legendary bag company? To be more specific, what happens when Quinze & Milan meets Eastpack? Well, to the least a successful cross disciplinary cooperation takes place, resulting in a piece of sofa characterized by the merge of the authentic design qualities of Quinze & Milan’s modern, iconic collection and classic Eastpack styles. Continue reading

home storage schonbuch 50x50 - Schonbuch: pretty things

Schonbuch: pretty things


One on line shop, so many good brands and pretty things gathered up all together! Having gone through all of Schonbuch’s sections like coat racks, coat hooks, coat hangers, mirrors, umbrella stands, living accessories and items that help us keep our spaces tidy, I’ve noted down quite a few favorites which I’d easily bring home, give as a present or for starters share here with you. Ready? Come on, let’s window shop! Continue reading

ladder storage tilt4 50x50 - Tilt: a multi-functional ladder

Tilt: a multi-functional ladder


While surfing the web I stumbled upon the work of SmithMatthias, a London-based design studio of Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias. One of their creations, designed for Discipline, is called Tilt – a beautiful timber ladder designed to store and display objects. Continue reading

bicycle storage postfossil 50x50 - Shoes Books and a Bike

Shoes Books and a Bike


Here’s a cool storage solution from the Swiss design collective Postfossil. Designed by Thomas Walde, the Shoes Books and a Bike unit puts your beloved bicycle where it should be – framed, on a pedestal – almost like a trophy. And I mean this in the most positive way, as cycling has increased in popularity in European cities as the most ecological way of getting around. Continue reading

steel bookcase veliero2 50x50 - Veliero Bookcase by Cassina: sail away

Veliero Bookcase by Cassina: sail away


The Veliero shelving unit, a part of Cassina’s I Maestri collection, is a re-creation of the unique bookcase designed by architect Franco Albini in 1940. This classic piece of furniture – made in a limited edition of 50 – has been inspired by the world of sailing and suspension bridges, featuring a metal base clad in ash wood, glass shelves, and a circular cross-section bar for extra stability and load capacity. Continue reading