sofa storage eastpack 5 50x50 - Eastpack Sofa: Club Sofa

Eastpack Sofa: Club Sofa


What happens when a great furniture company meets with a legendary bag company? To be more specific, what happens when Quinze & Milan meets Eastpack? Well, to the least a successful cross disciplinary cooperation takes place, resulting in a piece of sofa characterized by the merge of the authentic design qualities of Quinze & Milan’s modern, iconic collection and classic Eastpack styles.

Unusual regarding its appearance, the Club Sofa is equipped with what seem like a sum of Eastpack backpacks, all attached to the sides and fronts of the sofa, somehow reminding of kangaroo pockets!

Yep little hoods ready to give shelter to your books, magazines, electronic gadgets, such as laptop, headphones, remote control, iPod or your reading glasses. Or everything else that you wish to store as close to your sitting area as possible without sacrificing space or cluttering with too many visual distractions.



I wouldn’t call this the most elegant example of a storage rich sofa, but it certainly will appeal to quite a large population with its funky design.

Made from rigid polyuthane and cordura, it measures 1,50m in length, 71cm in height and 1,00 m in width, with the seat dimensions being 90 x 39 x 60 respectively.



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