Stack stoves: crisp creativity


Having and maintaining a pleasant temperature at home or in the office is quite essential to our well being, especially during cold weather as most of us experience these days. I don’t know which kind of heating systems you have chosen for or already found installed in your homes, but I do know that heating stoves are being quite popular once again, seen and constructed under new guidelines. Continue reading


Gridy me mirror: traditional mirrors in unconventional uses


Here is a very interesting approach to a daily use object since centuries, the mirror. The mirror, also known as that object with which one spends some of his / her most personal moments, making sure everything is in best condition on their face. I have the impression though, that the designers behind “Me me me” mirror were aiming at giving this traditional object a wider use. Why not use it as a decorative object around your home, making sure it reflects but the prettiest views, while bringing in a little more light? Its simple and elegant appearance allows it after all. Continue reading


Mini pool: well being experiences begin at home


Oh dear, let’s talk about swimming pools, shall we? Well, not the ones that require quite the space in a garden or the exotic ones that we can visit in one of these dreamy – and yes indeed sometimes costly! – resorts, but compact ones, mini pools that we can perhaps find a place in our roof top apartment, small garden or why not a spacious bathroom, even though this model is thought up for outdoors. Continue reading


Ape: Serving the perfect cocktail party


It is since the 1950’s that Alessi has been providing cocktail products making it a leading and a mostly favorite brand. Recently, they collaborated with industrial designer Gioulio Iacchetti’s and a new series was born, with a rather funny name: Ape. Continue reading


Pieces of Time Clock: The Simplest is the Best


It has always been my belief that bare wood, with little if any modification, inspires the best design. Also, somewhat of a confused geek, I shift between loving digital technology and being completely frustrated with it. If ever I’m in one of my anti-technology spells, I’d imagine the Pieces of Time clock by Ding 3000 to satisfy the need for simpler technology and design. Continue reading


The TOOaPicnic Series: Setting Up a Space to Share


While I wouldn’t mind either version in my apartment, the TOOaPicnic series of shared seating areas is designed for offices, restaurants, and waiting rooms. Each of the four setups were built to stimulate collaboration, whether that’s chatting over a cup of coffee or planning the company’s next big project. Continue reading


Buro Set by Lexon: The Complete Desk


Consisting of tape, a calculator, a USB hub, stapler, hole punch, calendar, and even a magnifying lens, the Buro Set by Lexon is a seven piece accessory set sure to make the obsessive modernist very happy. Continue reading


Cable light: An unexpected hint of harbor in your home


I adore ceramic as a material, and Patrick Hartog’s ceramic cable lights made from un-glazed white earthenware are just perfect for our kitchen working area. The way the designer presents the electric cord, wrapped around the ceramic lampshade, is totally to my liking and the finishing touch of the metal ring on top is just perfect. It makes sure that the light is balanced, while it clearly connects to the mooring bollards created from strong metal widely seen on wharves, where Patrick was inspired to bring this beautiful lamp into life. I love me some connection to my country of origin – Greece – in my German home by the woods! Continue reading


Intimo secretary desk: intelligently designed & produced


It is really great to see designers more concerned not only with the design of a product, but in fact caring for the actual process of designing as well. Especially when elaborate thought is given to the production phase, keeping in mind the distribution of the product side by side. The Intimo secretary desk designed by Jannis Ellenberger is not only a clever and compact solution once assembled and discretely yet proudly standing at a corner of your home, but also it is intelligently produced. Continue reading


Lumio: An amazing illuminated book


Do you believe in dreams coming true? Perhaps – and hopefully – you believe in magic as well? Then understanding the magnificence characterizing this amazing creation will be easy! Lumio is a portable, rechargeable, powerful and “insanely” beautiful indoor and outdoor light, with the power to illuminate a dinner party while compact enough to fit into a bag! Yes, you heard well. Lumio is a pretty, cordless lamp, which unfolds from the shape of a book, seemingly by magic. As you may have well guessed, “magic” here stands for design excellence with absolute focus on functionality, while celebrating aesthetics. Continue reading