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CX491 Induction Cooktop

Cooking food has never been easier. Gaggenau, a German manufacturer of high-end home appliances, which has continuously won awards for the design of its products, has launched the CX491 Induction Cooktop. It makes cooking a true delight, and what is really cool abut its design is that the induction base knows to identify where the cookware is and heats only that space.

The Induction Cooktop surface is very large 3/8”+3 .7/8” x 35 3/4” x 20 1/2” and has a stainless steel frame with a width of 36”. You can freely place your cookware anywhere on the surface and never again have to compromise because of the size of your dishes. The Cooktop is powerful and can handle 4 items of cookware at the same time.

The Induction Cooktop is easy to use and has large 6.5” color graphic TFT touch display for an intuitive control of all functions. It also has electronic power control in 17 output levels which gives you the freedom you need to perfectly cook each dish.

Other features of the Induction Cooktop include: Booster function, timer for each cooking position, short-term timer, information key with use indicators and power management. For added safety, the Induction Cooktop has a main switch, a residual heat indicator and a child lock.

Design: Gaggenau
Photography courtesy of Gaggenau

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