shell desk sg2 800x535 - Shell Desk

Shell Desk

The Shell desk offers the perfect solution for those seeking a small contemporary desk which can accommodate modern technology plus a discreet space for storage. Designed by Wonhee Jeong Arndt and John Arndt of Netherlands-based Studio Gorm, the Shell Desk’s hinged lid is based on a traditional Chinese door that keeps storage space hidden from view. Continue reading

larose guyon 800x534 - Larose Guyon

Larose Guyon

Larose Guyon takes online shopping to a whole other level. Named after the owner’s themselves – Félix Guyon and Audrée Larose – this design duo out of Vercheres, Canada, are as madly in love with one another as they are with design itself. Continue reading

wood fireplace slimfocus 800x587 - Slimfocus


Nothing short of WOW is what Dominique Imbert’s design studio has been able to achieve. The French based company specializes in modern fireplaces and their creations are absolutely breathtaking. One of their main designs is the ‘Slimfocus’ which won the “Interior innovation award “ in 2015. Its chic cylindrical shape steals the show and offers a contemporary design that is bound to be the focal point of any interior. Continue reading

t square shelf 800x480 - T-Square Shelves

T-Square Shelves

When designing the perfect space, every detail counts. And if you are after an ultra-modern and super-clean look, the T-Square shelf definitely provides that sophisticated touch. The T-Square was created by Michael Anastassiades – a Cyprus born designer with headquarters in London. He is renowned for his “seemingly simple yet meticulously detailed work” and the T-Square is a perfect reflection of his methodology. Continue reading

straw stool jc 800x535 - Straw Stool

Straw Stool

First of all, can we just say – thanks for bringing so much fun into this seating option! From the colors to the materials, the Straw Stool by Juan Cappa, brings the timeless tradition of a country fair furnished with hay bale seating, into a modern era of delightful design and functional uses outside the farm. Continue reading

fine bone china set cordello1 800x375 - Cordello Home

Cordello Home

Cordello Home is a site chalk full of must have’s, cozy collectibles, and delightful gift-giving ideas for your home. Whether you are looking for unique household items with which to register for your wedding, or you simply wish to make a splurge purchase of a bone china tea set …Cordello Home is a one-stop-shop! Continue reading

folding colander armdlo 800x712 - RMDLO Folding Colander

RMDLO Folding Colander

Saving on kitchen space is a mission for most people, especially those who live in small spaces. The RMDLO Folding Colander is a perfect example of how smart design can come to the rescue. The RMDLO has a patented leaf shape design that folds inwards when not in use and easily opens into a flexible and smart colander when necessary. The Colander was created by Ran Merkazy and Fred Camrass, two UK based designers with a great vision. Continue reading

stool sol ae5 800x600 - Sol Stool

Sol Stool

A colorful piece of designer furniture often adds freshness and vitality to a space and the Sol Stool is a perfect example of this. Light, chic and colorful, the Sol Stool can fit beautifully into so many home decor environments- your living room, bedroom, or guest room to name a few. Created by Norwegen designer Andreas Engesvik, the Sol Stool won the Elle Decoration Award for The Best Furniture 2013. Continue reading

divided skillet pan mp1 800x560 - Master Pan Divided Skillet

Master Pan Divided Skillet

Warning- if you love cooking, you are going to find the Master Pan Divided Skillet absolutely irresistible. It has 5 separate compartments which means that you can create an entire meal using a single surface! (and only have to clean up one dish) Continue reading

storage box frame bylassen 800x1067 - Frame Storage

Frame Storage

Frame storage boxes might just be our top fun-find of the month! These storage boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and deliver a certain “jewelry box” appeal to them; conveying awe and wonder to anyone who might happen upon them, pondering what could wait inside. At least …that’s where our imagination went when we saw them! Continue reading