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Yot Side Table

The Yot Side Table is a designer piece of furniture that truly takes your breath away. Created by Florian Saul, a design company based in Berlin, Germany, it has an ultra-modern form and delicately combines solid oak and man-made Corian. The soft curvatures of the wood give the table a distinct warmth, and its tripod shape and handle-like top remind me of a safari animal.

Each table is handmade, available in two sizes. Both sizes have a diameter of 42 cm, and the one model is available at a height of 71 cm (with a length of 58 cm) and the other model has a height of 63 cm (length 50 cm). The table is lightweight and can be easily transferred from room to room. Cleaning it is simple and you can dust it off with a damp cloth and occasionally apply a designated product that adds moisture to the wood.

The round base of the table is available in black, brown and black and offers a colder contrast to the warmth of the wood. Whether you place it in your office or in your home, the Yot Side Table is bound to look outstanding in any environment.



Design: Florian Saul
Photography courtesy of Florian Saul

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