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Imagine creating furniture from just plywood and steel clips. You can do just that with Zieta’s Pakiet line of modular tables and benches. Their production is precise. Plywood is cut to size. Slots are cut for the clips that will hold the parts together. Grooves are added for boards to form a tight assembly. Your complete kit arrives in a neat cardboard package. Assembly is quick and requires no tools. That’s right, no screw drivers, no hammers, no drill, and no Allen keys are necessary. And its simple assembly is just one fine feature.

By minimizing production and material costs, Pakiet has mass market appeal. Its versatility is desired by small businesses, growing families, students, and seasonal or pop-up shops. With three available table models, there is a size for every family’s dining needs or for use as an office desk. Two bench options provide flexible seating or storage. Ready to move? Just disassemble the Pakiet and take it with you for quick reassembly at your new place.



My favorite feature is how easy it is to personalize each piece. Just by applying your favorite paint color, or adding a wooly fabric to the bench top, it adapts to you. It will easily transition from a student’s room to a young couple’s home. Next, it’s in the baby’s room and can be transformed as the child grows.





Design: Zieta Prozess Design
Photography courtesy of Zieta Prozess Design

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