We all know someone (or maybe it’s us) that can’t start the day without a cup of coffee. British designer Josh Renouf took this habit to the next level and invented the Barisieur. The Barisieur is a designer piece that combines an alarm clock with a delightful coffee brewer. The unit is small and compact and can be neatly placed on your bedside table. With the Barisieur one can wake up to the soothing sounds of stainless steel balls gently moving as they boil the water and the unbeatable aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Continue reading


JURA Impressa

The JURA Impressa is the Rolls-Royce of coffee machines. Without moving your cup you can make 10 different types of coffee and you can also customize it to make your own coffee creation. The design of the JURA Impressa is also on a league of its own and received the prestigious Red Dot Best of the Best Award in 2014 by the Product Design competition. Continue reading


Sucabaruca Coffee Set

The Sucabaruca Coffee Set is an exquisitely hand-made set that gives the ancient ritual of coffee making a modern twist. The Sucabaruca is made from white Porcelain and consists of a coffee pot, a funnel, three cups and a tray. A wonderful feature of the design is that you can play around with the layout of the set- the filter and cups can be mounted on top of the pot or elegantly set around it. Continue reading


Form Teapot: Old World Design

The Form Teapot from Tom Dixon is something I would like, and I expect myself to get one soon. It is a marvel of restrained design with all the appeal coming from the bare material and simple shape. Continue reading


Ratio Coffeemaker: Classical, Technological, Delicious

As a coffee lover and design fanatic, the Ratio Coffeemaker is just a perfect marriage of caffeine and art. Rejecting both the stark utility of cheap coffeemakers that have no kind of aesthetic whatsoever, and blending the habit of treating a cup of coffee like a gourmet meal, the Ratio Coffeemaker by Mark Hellweg is just tremendous. Continue reading


KeepCup Reusable coffee mugs: Hug a Mug, on the move


Using the power of ‘brand in hand’ to drive sustainable reuse behavior in the to-go market, the KeepCup is a covetable, personalizable reusable coffee mug. In four sizes from XS to L, there is a KeepCup for every espresso and pumpkin Frappuccino, plus everything in between. Continue reading


My cup of thoughts

Are you a tea drinker? A coffee drinker perhaps? A conversation seeker? The answer being yes, you are reading the right post cause I have a cup of… thoughts for you today. A cup encouraging communication, point of view exchanges, while enjoying our favorite hot drinks.

In the presence of company, it is a conversation starter. In case of sipping alone, it is a thought provocateur. Dare to question life’s aspects by combining the words on the cup with those on the saucer. Isn’t that fun and in a way ingenious? Continue reading


Presso: manual espresso maker

Are you a coffee lover? Then for sure familiarizing yourself with the old fashioned future of coffee will fascinate you! Why old fashioned? Cause you can forget all about electricity, while brewing great espresso.

Yes, indeed you can.
Meet Presso, the revolutionary and environmentally friendly non electric espresso machine! A manual coffee maker that lets you brew quality espresso using nothing but water, ground beans and just a little brute strength. It’s energy efficient, completely recyclable and did I already mention absolutely charming? Continue reading


Geo thermos: essential lines entertained by fun colors

When a thermos gets in the hands – ruled by the mind – of a designer like Nicholai Wigg Hansen, the least one can expect is seemingly effortless excellence. Nicholai, a designer who has had his own design studio since he was 26, has designed Geo for Normann Copenhagen and it’s fast becoming a favorite central coffee table piece able to hold both hot and cold drinks. Continue reading


Tea Egg: … an egg in your tea cup?!

Eva Solo Collection is without a doubt one of our favorites here. From the living, bath and outdoor section to the cooking and serving one – We absolutely love the simplicity, distinct lines and high degree of functionality characterizing their Danish designed products.

Today, we are serving cups of tea here! Quite cozy don’t you find? With autumn already having started in the part of the globe from where these lines are written, all I can think of is indulging in refreshing cups of excellent tea during work hours in my home office, only to drink some more tea later, in the evening in order to relax and make my way to bed prepared for sweet dreams. Continue reading