Hanging Line: Makes Perfect Sense


Made of nothing more than a line, a magnet, and two brackets, the Hanging Line is an example of a design that includes only what is necessary and does exactly what it is supposed to do. The Hanging Line is a wall-mounted magazine and towel holder as well as a toilet paper roll holder. It was also designed with a special hook that can be attached to brushes or hand-held mirrors you may want to hang, too. Continue reading

The Podpad: a piece of art for storage


You’d think the Podpad were some piece of art suspended on your wall. A 4.5 inch thick installment made of four differently-sized, modernist-looking rectangles highlight an iPhone dock recessed in the construction. Continue reading

Bluelounge CableBin: For those with a phobia of clutter


There are few things in this modern life than the accumulation of tangled cables in piles on the floor. Yes, they power our ever-important devices, our many, many devices, but I’m sure everyone has experienced the instantaneous rage from getting caught up in a bundle of computer cords. Until there’s some source of completely wireless power, it’s up to designers to create a useful anti-clutter tool. CableBin from Bluelounge is any tangled-agitated individual’s dream. Continue reading

Stayhold: Possibly the simplest trunk organizer ever


OK, so I have to ask: how come no one thought of this before? I mean, we’ve all been there, picking up and dropping our kids at soccer practice or making runs to the supermarket or shopping mall – wherever we’re driving, loose stuff in the back always seem to end up rolling and sliding from one side to the other, making a total mess.

Let’s face it, most car trunks need a little organization. I know mine does… Now, there are a lot of different organizers out there, but then I found out about what could possibly be the simplest trunk organizer ever! Meet the Stayhold. Continue reading

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Citybook modular shelving: home living with love


It is pretty possible that one of the first things you begun to draw as a little child were houses. You know, these super simple structures consisting of two – almost – parallel vertical lines and two more meeting each other on the top, forming the triangular roof. Being officially an adult since a few decades now, this uber simple design still manages to totally move me and in fact rock my world. Perhaps cause there is in fact no place like home in the world. Additionally perhaps there’s nothing like a child’s interpretation of the adult world. I’ve been so happy to be seeing lately, this simplified structure representing a house, incorporated in magnificent design. Like the Citybook bookcases, modular and flexible shelving design suitable for all kind of spaces. Continue reading

Recycled Leather Containers: Binning it, not wasting it


The Euclide bin and Ovo basket by Pinetti use recycled leather offcuts to construct strong, striking (and functional) multi-use storage containers. They are both available in pearl white, metallic taupe, metallic black and coral orange. Continue reading

Foldable Wardrobe: Because good design should always exist


Manufactum’s strapline: ‘The good things in life still exist’ is definitely lived out in this time tested but extremely hip design. A simple concertina mechanism in aluminum and maplewood with a series of hooks on the underside come together to create a wardrobe or coat stand that is only there when you need it. Continue reading

Ceasar Living Collection: timeless modern furniture


While Goethe brilliantly pointed out that architecture is frozen music, I cannot stop comparing beautiful design with poetry. Especially when the subject is multi functional storage and display solutions where dialogue among shapes, volumes and lines seems to be an endless play of possibilities for magic to be written in any way other than words rhyming with one another do. Continue reading

Storage and Five Boxes: Teaching An Old Box New Tricks


A vertical and horizontal shelf in orange and grey, plus a horizontal shelf and a sideboard in grey and yellow composite the Storage and Five Boxes series. Based on square pole metal frames, and using standard vinyl boxes found in most hardware stores, the piece is a song to simplicity. Continue reading

Step Ladder: reach for the top


Leave it to the Swedes to take something ordinary like a step ladder and transform it into a piece of furniture you would consider hanging on your wall. Industrial designer Karl Malmvall created a functional yet beautifully-designed stepladder, so now you can change a light bulb or reach for that top shelf in style and comfort. Continue reading

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