Studio Ve Shelf Collection

Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Studio Ve, create a fresh perspective on everyday cannot-live-without-them items. From their remarkably innovative wall clocks that simply astound to their two-leg table, their designs have simple, witty, and intriguing twists. Their book shelves are cheeky and practical conversation starters. Continue reading



Terracotta clay is one of my favorite materials and it is not often used in modern design. It is earthy, warm and has a rich red/brown tone. British designer Benjamin Hubert took on the task of using terracotta to create his modern collection called ‘Pots’ and the result is exceptional. Each pot has a minimalistic shape and the collection as a whole has an appealing sculpture-like composition. Continue reading


Vitrina Collection: Color Through the Looking Glass

A bright pop of energy on the case goods horizon is the new Vitrina collection designed by Hierve for Case Furniture. Hierve has successfully combined function and form in these delightfully designed cabinets. Continue reading


Rustic Storage Coffee Table: basically beautiful

Wood is the magical material for design and it is best left un-manipulated for the most part. Maybe a few ornaments or a couple of beveled edges. But wood, especially if it’s solid, not some pulp material, is beautiful by itself. It was used by the master carpenters of old, and it should remain basically unchanged. Continue reading


Sweeper & Dustpan: redesigned for flow

Do you ever think of a dustpan and broom as having any kind of artistic or aesthetic value? They’re just household cleaning tools, that’s it, right? Well, even the objects we tend to think about least can be designed brilliantly—such as the Sweeper & Dustpan by Polish designer Jan Kochanski. Continue reading


The Cablehub: Managing Cables, Managing Clutter


Cables are everywhere. We have so many smartphones, laptops, tablets, whatnots and other things that just drape cables over our desks, couches, counters, and chairs. And while these cables are very useful, and completely necessary until wireless charging is standard, they’re annoying, to say the least.

The Cablehub is the perfect remedy. Continue reading


Basketbin: The Bin Within a Bin


In this age of multi-purpose devices, smartphones and the like, there should be no reason why we still have two trash receptacles, one for waste and one for recycling. The Basketbin by Konstantin Slawinski was designed to simplify our disposal, combining food waste and recycling into one utility. Continue reading


EL: Table, Bookcase, Cabinet, What?


Designed by Konstantin Slawinski, the EL is a shapeshifter if it is a piece of furniture. Combination bookcase, table, cabinet, drawer, and counter, it is a chameleon of a desktop utility. The EL’s sectional module gives you the ability to shape and reshape the pieces to whatever configuration you need. Continue reading


Hanging Line: Makes Perfect Sense


Made of nothing more than a line, a magnet, and two brackets, the Hanging Line is an example of a design that includes only what is necessary and does exactly what it is supposed to do. The Hanging Line is a wall-mounted magazine and towel holder as well as a toilet paper roll holder. It was also designed with a special hook that can be attached to brushes or hand-held mirrors you may want to hang, too. Continue reading


The Podpad: a piece of art for storage

You’d think the Podpad were some piece of art suspended on your wall. A 4.5 inch thick installment made of four differently-sized, modernist-looking rectangles highlight an iPhone dock recessed in the construction. Continue reading