tiny houses micro homes 2 - Prefab homes MFINITY Micro homes

Prefab homes MFINITY Micro homes

tiny-houses-prefab-micro-homesIf you’re looking for tiny houses or prefab homes’ solutions, you’d better checkout the micro system line of products by MFINITY, headed by Carib Daniel Martin.

This line of prefab homes provides a low-cost, intelligent solution to a range of differing needs.

Consisting of modular 8ft by 12ft living units, customizable interior options, and a choice of porch styles, the microSYSTEM® can create a 100sf storage/garden shed, small home office/studio or writer’s retreat, guest house/cabana, or complete residence.
With the addition of connecting porch modules, different units can be linked together to provide a sheltered boardwalk corridor from one prefab home to the next.

tiny-houses-prefab-micro-homesThe microHOME® prefab home is a mix between a small house, a ship’s cabin, and a travel trailer. It comes standard with a kitchenette, including a sink, stove, refrigerator and storage, as well as a private bathroom with a pass-thru shower and composting toilet.

“…we start with an eco-friendly design approach to all of our products. From the use of sustainable and recycled materials to low-energy fixtures and appliances to material and space efficient design, the MFINITY line of products was created to keep our world beautiful now and for generations to come.”

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