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Small houses storage staircase


Storage staircase is a smart solution for every home and small houses in particular. A small space can challenge your houses design making you come-up with creative storage solutions.

In my opinion, the staircase is a challenging space we should utilize for storage. I have found a couple of smart and creative ways on how to make your small house a lot smarter. Take Leonie & Rhodri London flat for example

“…the architect proposed a handsome and clever book-lined staircase to house their formidable combined libraries in one streamlined space. “It’s just brilliant because the way it’s conceived, you can walk by it and not even notice it, Leonie says. “So it’s like this fabulous surprise. The rather treacherous staircase hangs from steel beams, so as not to put any pressure on the Victorian floor, and the staircase has the air of a steep mountain climb from the bottom. “At first I was terrified! Every time!” says Veronika. “Soon, though, it becomes a mechanism and even in the dark one manages to make it downstairs.”

Another great example for smart storage is the staircase drawers by Mark Wright, where each step you take you find an unexpected slide-out storage compartment that you can utilize for books, boxes, games and more; when closed, the only hint that the drawers are there is the finger-pull hole.


Check out another great example for smart stair storage solutions at our book review of Space: Japanese Design Solutions.


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