cork table stool - Cork Table and Stool

Cork Table and Stool


I love the concept of Jasper Morrison’s Cork Table and Stool; it has a sculptural quality and it’s made out of 100% Cork material – who knew saving the planet could be so stylish?

Dramatic and eye-catching, the stylish Cork Table and Stool with its beautiful natural texture and depth is perfect for any lounge furniture arrangement. Lounging on the sleek StingRay with an oversized cork table on your side for your stuff.

Lightweight and easy to handle, the Cork can also be used as a comfortable seating stool because of its spongy features.

Corks low table by jasper morrisonir?t=busyboo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001EB839Y - Cork Table and Stool

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2 thoughts on “Cork Table and Stool

  1. Andreza

    I absolutly love it, it’s so cute, I spent a nice time vitising your blog, your interior is really beautiful!I saw that you have car moebel in your shop list, I discovered this german shop few days ago, I wondered if you could tell me your opinion about it. I am french and never heard about this shop before, but I saw that they are shipping everywhere in Europe.I love their child wood toys and their home decoration, but I was wondering about the furniture, i saw a kommoden that I really like, do you think it’s good quality for the price, compared to Ikea? and are the furniture in one piece or do we have to build it? all their shop is in german and it s not translate in englishthanks for your help if you have time to bother answering me, and thanks for the nice blog you did:)


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