liqueur cognac glass set - Unique Liqueur & Cognac Glasses

Unique Liqueur & Cognac Glasses


This beautiful two piece cognac glass set, from Normann Copenhagen, combines function and pure pleasure, where the unique shape of these beautiful glasses enhances the deep color and movement of the desired liquid.

“I wanted the glass to give the user a feeling of a gentleman’s study and at the same time, the sense of calmness you get when you e.g. fondle a stone” – Says the designer Rikke Hagen.


In addition to this unique, designer glassware set, there’s also a liqueur glass set available for purchase with the same unique shape, only a bit smaller.


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2 thoughts on “Unique Liqueur & Cognac Glasses

  1. Larry Castro

    Hi I am very interested in purchasing this particular glass
    can you please tell me where I can purchase this and what will be the cost?


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