lounge storage sofa ransa - Ransa Sofa: for the tired intellectual

Ransa Sofa: for the tired intellectual


The Ransa sofa is a combination sofa and library and a very simple and elegant fit for nearly any apartment, so the first thing I thought when I saw it was: “how come no one has ever thought of this before?”

I like to read and I always seem to have books and magazines lying around. Of course I have bookshelves, but where am I supposed to put the book while I’m in the middle of reading, or the new release I just got that I intend to read straight after that, and how about those magazines and art books that always seem to pile up on my coffee table (you know, the pile that gets shoved to the floor when you really need to use the table for coffee!). Since I tend to keep any book that enters my apartment, my walls have slowly been taken over by bookcases leaving less space for other furniture.

Made of Wenge colored wood, the Ransa consists of a seating area that seems to levitate above a shelf unit. The design is clean and modern and has a very graceful look. The sofa itself is large enough for me to comfortably stretch out on and relax, and the library underneath is ideal for storing my books and magazines.

So having solved the two main issues of space and clutter, I can now lounge in comfort on the sofa with all my books (current and soon to be read…) at my fingertips and at the same time enjoy a refreshing drink off my newly liberated coffee table. And did I mention already how space saving it is?
Looking at this sofa, two words come to mind: peace and comfort.

Dimensions: 140 cm x 180 cm x 87 cm.


* More info at Younes Design

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One thought on “Ransa Sofa: for the tired intellectual

  1. Nichole

    “Tired Intellectual”???? you couldn’t sleep on that or realax on that, the sides are made of wood. a couch needs to have cushy sides so you can kick back and relax. not a mattress on wood. it may look good to some (to me it doesn’t) but it’s in no way comfortable which is just a waste.


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