modern chair master - Master's Chair: King of the World

Master’s Chair: King of the World


It’s true, we don’t live in a fairytale, however, there’s no reason why we can’t feel like we’re kings of the world. Check out the Master’s Chair – a contemporary interpretation to the good old throne. This is the final result, combining three chair designs: the 7 Series, the Tulip Armchair, and the Eiffel Chair.

Supported on four slim legs, the Master’s seat is roomy and comfy. The back of the chair is its most fascinating feature, characterized by the fullness and empty spaces created by the curvaceous crossing lines of three different backs descending to meet together at the seat. Don’t be mislead by the contemporary design, this is a very comfortable chair befitting a king.

Whether you like its shape or not, there is one thing which you cannot argue about – a chair like this one has a strong presence in any room you’ll put it in. Its shape is something which you can’t ignore, and while the overall result is debatable in terms of taste, its dominant presence will have the message delivered loud and clear – this is the Master’s Chair. Available in White, grey, Sage Green, Rust, Mustard, and Black



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