coffee table adelphi 2 - Adelphi coffee table: two brothers

Adelphi coffee table: two brothers


When it comes to interior design, classy and contemporary certainly wins me over. When it comes to incorporating an element that brings a space together, much like a coffee table does in a living room, an investment is something I’ ll not avoid doing.

Adelphi (sounding much like the Greek word “adelphoi” meaning brothers) originating from Brazil, made available via Modloft, is one whose lines and materials got me at first sight. I love the combination of curves and lines. Elegant, thin metal legs in a cross design, holding a simply fabulously designed surface.

Careful craftsmanship is something that also doesn’t leave me unmoved, and the stitches at the edges of the leather edition of this table is just a feast to my eyes. Don’t you just love it when an every day product playing an important role in our lives, suddenly becomes poetic, much as it is practical?

Adelphi is available in two different heights and surface sizes. Speaking of the coffee table line, a choice between a lower 39 x39 x 8 inches and a higher 39 x 39 x 12 inches can be made. Ideally, should the size of one’s living room and sofa allow it, a combination of them both would be great.


Visually interesting and practically functional, it offers a generous surface for books, favorite objects to display or just a spontaneous gathering of food and drinks on top of it, when friends come over. Asides from the size variation, depending on one’s taste and needs, a material choice of surface can be made ranging between white, beige or black leather and an additional choice of ebony black lacquer.
My choice? The beige leather version pretty please!


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