lounge chairs frederique - Frederique lounge chair: floating in an imaginative cube

Frederique lounge chair: floating in an imaginative cube


When it comes to lounging, comfort and aesthetics need to complement each other in my eyes.
Having an own favorite spot where books can be read, music can be enjoyed, or even perhaps a nap can be taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon, seems an important factor in these precious “me time” moments. Moments when we disengage from daily stress and the often fast, demanding pace that modern societies seem to have imposed as a way of living.

Balancing between productivity, creativity and quiet reflective moments seems to be a key to one’s physical, mental and emotional health.
Even though in my home’s current furniture collection there is a much more humble version of a lounging chair, I can’t begin to describe how much it adds to pleasurable moments, while also contributing in creating a cozy spot in the living room.
The chair presented here today is a very elegant model in clean lines, combining a metal frame which can be pure or painted, with a leather seat and arm rests offered in a triple variety of colors. White, black and whiskey brown are all classic choices which will allow an easy incorporation of Frederique chair in your homes.
Its measurements of 33 width, 33 depth and a height of seat of 28, almost form an invisible cube, where you are invited to relax.
While it embraces your body, at the same time it gives the impression you are floating, which will add nicely to this welcomed feeling of being light.
For day dreaming, napping, reading, listening to music or simply taking part in a conversation in your living room, this chair will discretely and elegantly serve its purpose. Welcome to an imaginative cube of lightness.


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