small bedroom design 2 - Contemporary Styles in a Small Bedroom

Contemporary Styles in a Small Bedroom


Trying to keep a small bedroom clear of clutter can be difficult at the best of times, so you might be thinking that a minimalist look could never be achieved with such little space. Actually, it’s quite the opposite; there are plenty of solutions that will save floor space, and make your room look larger and airier!

The main things you keep in your bedroom are probably a bed, a wardrobe, and a bedside cabinet. Consider rolling those first two into one with a purpose-built storage bed – Time4Sleep offer some that are beautifully modern, stylish and incredibly useful for storing the clothes you don’t use, as well as bed linens and towels. That means all you need to keep your current season’s clothes is a wire rack to hang them on, which takes up far less space than a full-size closet.



Storage beds come it all sorts of styles, but for a truly minimalist look, go for something like an Ottoman-style build, which offers a more elegant, fuss-free shape. Avoid large, overbearing furnishings such as bedposts, and instead opt for the “less is more” approach!


This post was brought to you by our friends at Time4Sleep.

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