onigiri 2 50x50 - Onigri: the art of unwrapping

Onigri: the art of unwrapping


Onigri is a Japanese rice ball, formed into triangular or oval shapes, often wrapped in Nori seaweed. Toronto-based designer, Greg Moogk, was inspired by this traditional Japanese snack, as he wanted to replicate the experience of unwrapping an object.

Moogk came up with a unique set of furniture design, consisting of three chairs, three cushions, and a table/storage container that beautifully wrap together like Onigri.


The chairs are made of maple that was laminated and bent to become a Zaisu – a traditional Japanese chair with no legs. The table is made of solid walnut. All handmade by Greg.

As Greg mentions, “In Japanese culture, the art of wrapping an object has become a ritual; not meant to be an easy task, but something that has become an art.”



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