chaise longue bleugreen2 50x50 - Seat bleu/green: On the couch, on the trend

Seat bleu/green: On the couch, on the trend


Whether or not minimalism is worn out, this psychiatrist-inspired seat and chaise longue by design duo Muller Van Severen is fresh to the eyes.
The design ethic is one of strength and lightness. Powder sprayed cylindrical metal tubes network around a light and simple pair of canvas hangings that support the user (in a delightfully artsy pose no doubt). The look is fuss free and classical, yet smart enough to make design junkies look twice, and maybe even Instagram. What’s more, should your budget spread to it, there is the whole of the latest collection to share its space.

We particularly like the color scheme (bang-on-trend mustard yellow plus duck egg blue), which enhances the summery aesthetic. A sort of hybrid between a deckchair and a shrink’s office, the Seat is practically irresistible. Particularly should you find it (as photographed) in the chill refreshing stone hallway of your Italian villa.

The uses are wide, as long as you place this piece of beauty where 1. There will be people with taste enough to appreciate it, and 2. There are people with weary feet and, perhaps, a desire to discuss philosophy. Italian villas a given, but the Seat could also bring an office waiting room up to date, and make a statement at the same time.

Warning – may cause daydreaming and reflection on life, beware.


Designers: Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen

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