secretary desk intimo4 50x50 - Intimo secretary desk: intelligently designed & produced

Intimo secretary desk: intelligently designed & produced


It is really great to see designers more concerned not only with the design of a product, but in fact caring for the actual process of designing as well. Especially when elaborate thought is given to the production phase, keeping in mind the distribution of the product side by side. The Intimo secretary desk designed by Jannis Ellenberger is not only a clever and compact solution once assembled and discretely yet proudly standing at a corner of your home, but also it is intelligently produced.

It successfully meets the end of keeping the costs as low as possible, rather unexpected for good quality furniture like this piece made from solid oak, engineered wood with oak veneer and clear matte lacquer.

Following the ethics of the “Ikea generation” the Intimo is packed flat and can be assembled at home by you and me, following a simple instruction manual. And this is exactly why at this price, such quality materials are involved in its making. As for its design, it somehow wakes memories from vintage school desks, something I find very sympathetic.



With a width of 33.25 ” a depth of 19.5″ and 41″ height, it is designed to follow this simple three step action: be flipped, used and then folded out of the way. Not that it can’t stay open, should you wished to do so! Its compact size allows for that even if you are just incorporating a working corner in your living room or bedroom.


In addition, the felt lined desktop is not only efficient but also inviting and warm to the eye and touch. The neat route to keep out of sight the electronic cords is a valuable detail, while mini storage shelves run the length of the top. Finally, underneath the working surface, hides a shelf perfect for storing a laptop, tablet or phone, which can also be getting loaded at the same time.


Designers: Jannis Ellenberger for CB2.

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