modular shelf system fjpanel1 800x800 - The FJ Panel System: An Ideal Work of Art

The FJ Panel System: An Ideal Work of Art

Let us begin with a lesson in aesthetics. There is a German term that refers to an ideal work of art. Gesamtkunstwerk, hopefully I still have your attention, is a completely realized artistic vision. A painting that reflects everything the artist imparted through the brush. An unveiled skyscraper the architect has complete confidence in. And for famed Danish designer Finn Juhl, it is the FJ Panel System.

A wall panel network of shelves, cabinets, and a desk space, the FJ Panel System was Juhl’s perfect vision for a home design, and it continues to be reproduced by the studio. Much like the iconic Eames chair, the FJ Panel System perfectly represents a time and style of design.


This Danish Design piece of furniture is made from deeply dark wood panels that cover most of the structure. The only contrast is the sharp whiteness of the cabinet covers. At once, the FJ Panel System is a subdued and startling design. All of the FJ Panel System is modular, and you can move shelves, cabinets, and even the position of the desk to your liking.

The FJ Panel System reflects a serious attitude that will be sure to make people think that you have your own gesamtkunstwerk within sight.


Photography courtesy of Finn Juhl.

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