council chair salto 50x50 - The Council Chair: Defining Design

The Council Chair: Defining Design


While they may be the least obviously glamorous styles of design, the Mid-Century and Danish Modern habits are superior to any frilly competitor. The Council Chair is just another example of how these two techniques rival anything, because they are whole, without any confusing additives and adornments.

Designed by Salto & Sigsgaard, the Council Chair is made of 3D-molded veneers of either oak or walnut topped with upholstered leather or fabric. With a swivel cast in aluminum, the Council Chair does not seems to ask for attention but its simple and clear form is there for those who want to look.


Everything about the Council Chair reflects the Mid-Century and Danish Modern styles’ sense of form and function working together so that each may shine. The comfort of the Council Chair is as important as its flowing and elegant attractiveness.


Photography courtesy of Salto & Sigsgaard.

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