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Bed R1

The Bed R1 is a designer bed created by a young team of Ukrainian architects who founded a company called ODESD2. Much thought went into the design of the R1 bed and it is truly built to last. It is created from steel, veneered plywood, solid ash wood and felt, and will add a fresh and exciting twist to minimalist bedrooms.

The base of the bed is especially strong since it is made from a welded metal construction which doesn’t have any bolted connections. There is a section of the bed that is covered in felt so that you don’t have direct contact with the metal. The advantage of this base is that it will maintain its shape. (Many mass produced beds use slats for the base, and the slats often sag, which causes the mattress to deform.)

A large plywood base fits onto the frame. The wood has carefully designed ventilation slots that allow for optimal airflow which further assures that the quality of the mattress will be maintained.





On the front of the R1 bed is a wide plywood headboard which is connected to the metal frame. Since it is connected, you can place the bed in the center of the room if you want and you don’t have to secure it to a wall. The bed’s legs have an especially attractive and minimalistic appeal and are made from solid ash wood.

The dimensions of the R1 bed are height 800mm x length 2070 mmm x width 2000 mm.


Design: ODESD2
Photography courtesy of ODESD2

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