wood cabinet birdhouse2 800x1200 - Birdhouse


The Birdhouse is a multifunctional cabinet with a truly playful design. Created by Dutch designer Lianne Siebring, the cabinet resembles a bird house, and offers a refreshing piece that is both an eye catcher and a source of pure joy. The cabinet’s roof is ideal for placing an open book and thus doubles as a bookmark. A nice cup of coffee and a small plate of cookies fit perfectly into the house’s open body and are within easy reach. Below, the house has a little drawer for storage (that has a cut out circle that resembles that of a birdhouse) and a well-positioned lamp for light. Just like a birdhouse, the cabinet stands on a pole, which further adds to its charm.

The Birdhouse is produced in the Netherlands and is made from birch plywood that has a soft mat finish. The lamp has a pull cord so that you can easily switch it on and off (making it a perfect as a bedside cabinet). The metal pole has a white coating and the electricity wire is fully concealed. The dimensions of the Birdhouse are: +/- 38 x 28 x 27 CM bottom H 50 CM diameter 30 CM.


Design: Siebring Zoetmulder
Photography courtesy of Crowdy House

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