reading lamp book rest - Book Rest Lamp: What's the Story?

Book Rest Lamp: What’s the Story?


Sometimes all you need are two simple things to compliment each other, forming a great item. The Book Rest Lamp is exactly that. For most of us, reading time is very close to our bed time, if not combined.

Made of frosted glass it gives off a soft light, ideal for reading, but also doubles as a book rest ensuring you never lose your page. But wait, that’s not all – sit your book on top of the lamp and you’ve created a house. So, let’s see one more time: we have a book, we need a light, we join these two together and we have a page marker, as well as a cool item. Reading seems all of a sudden even more fun. So, what’s the story?

We usually get our lamps all set and ready to go. Rarely, if ever at all, do we see a lamp that needs a second item to complete it. This is why this innovative reading lamp is so special. Besides, the house shape is absolutely genius, as nothing is more inviting and can create a cozy atmosphere than home sweet home. Right before we go to bed, this is all we need to feel cozy, warm and relaxed. Feels like home.


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