carving set evasolo - Eva Solo Carving Set: The First Cut is the Deepest

Eva Solo Carving Set: The First Cut is the Deepest


You’ve been cooking in the kitchen all day long, cleaning and tiding things up in preparation for that Thanksgiving dinner you’re about to host. Everything is set, looks so delicious, especially the turkey you’ve been roasting slowly all day. The only thing you need to complete this perfect picture right now is this Carving Set from Eva Solo. In fact, this is also what any dinner party with a big chunk of meat needs.

The carving set consists of a two-pronged fork and an ultra-sharp knife fashioned from Asian blade steel. Both the knife and the fork are made from a single piece of metal, the handle in each case running seamlessly into the blade and prongs. With this set you won’t even feel you’re carving as it will be so easy. The first cut is the deepest.

Putting the technical aspect aside for a second, just a single glance at this set, will have you realize that you need to have it. Its design is so unique, elegant and sophisticated, that once you use it at the dinner table your guest will know they are about to enjoy an extraordinary meal. Whoever uses the finest tools ought to achieve the most delicious results, right? This set will add class and style to your dinner table, and will be a final touch of a very special evening.


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