wine drip collar gifts - Wine Drip Collar Felt: Pro Pouring

Wine Drip Collar Felt: Pro Pouring


Pouring wine is an art. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to think – not all of us can practice this art; but with the Wine Drip Collar Felt we can all do it in a fashionable manner. The wine drip collar prevents drips and helps you avoid dripping red wine on those you set out to impress. This wine collar is flexible due to the spring steel, making it suitable for any bottle size – large collar, small collar – just insert the two ends into the slots provided and put it over the bottle. Now we can all start pouring like pros.

Wine is an added bonus to any scenario, it brings with it class and style, and can upgrade any atmosphere to a whole new level. At times we use wine to impress someone else – and we don’t want to mess it up, right? With this small, magical little wine gadget we can be certain it’s not going to happen. The best part – no one has to know what this gadget is all about; this could be your little secret… As far as you’re concerned – any time is wine time. Cheers!


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