The FJ Panel System: An Ideal Work of Art


Let us begin with a lesson in aesthetics. There is a German term that refers to an ideal work of art. Gesamtkunstwerk, hopefully I still have your attention, is a completely realized artistic vision. A painting that reflects everything the artist imparted through the brush. An unveiled skyscraper the architect has complete confidence in. And for famed Danish designer Finn Juhl, it is the FJ Panel System. Continue reading

Juicy Pendants: Basic Elegance


Hovering like a UFO from the ceiling, the Juicy Pendant is a smooth teardrop of a light designed by Salto & Sigsgaard. Consisting of a wire, cone, and shade section, the pendant distributes diffuse illumination like the classic icons of Mid-Century lighting. Continue reading

3.2.1. Glassware: flowing


The 3.2.1. Glassware and tumbler set is either a functional arrangement of carafes and decanters or something like a piece of jewelry. It is difficult to tell at first because of how rare the design is and how stunning. Manufactured from blown glass and etched crystal, 3.2.1. is sure to make you feel like a very important person. Flowing from a triangle to circle shape from the bottom to the top of the bottle, 3.2.1.’s physical design reflects the constant movement of whichever drink you choose to fill it with. Continue reading

Fenton Wing Backed Stone Sofa: sitting on a throne


You may imagine yourself sitting on a throne when you relax on the Fenton Wing Backed Stone Sofa. With a tall and narrow body, the sofa looks like a construction of regal request, for old French nobility, perhaps. Continue reading

Hanging Line: Makes Perfect Sense


Made of nothing more than a line, a magnet, and two brackets, the Hanging Line is an example of a design that includes only what is necessary and does exactly what it is supposed to do. The Hanging Line is a wall-mounted magazine and towel holder as well as a toilet paper roll holder. It was also designed with a special hook that can be attached to brushes or hand-held mirrors you may want to hang, too. Continue reading

x3 Watering Can: bent in three places


Always it is true that the simpler design tends to be better than the more ornate and complicated. The x3 Watering Can satisfies this specification and then some. Manufactured from three pieces of copper, brass, or stainless steel, the x3 is a functional but nevertheless beautiful object and tool. The handle and spout are the same piece of metal that has been bent in three places to create a continuous form, hence the name: x3. Continue reading

The Podpad: a piece of art for storage


You’d think the Podpad were some piece of art suspended on your wall. A 4.5 inch thick installment made of four differently-sized, modernist-looking rectangles highlight an iPhone dock recessed in the construction. Continue reading

Flip around stool: …don’t flip a coin, flip around your side table!


The amazing creative duo Jonas Bjerre and Kasper Ronn from Norm architects need little if any introduction at all to those interested in design, architecture and interiors. I would like to share with you today their latest innovation, the “flip around” stool, which has already become a favorite in many design magazines. Continue reading

Medici chair: for more than just sitting comfortably


Are you familiar with the work of Munich-based designer, Konstantin Grcic? If not, the Medici chair, one of his creations, is a good reason to do so! Originally trained as a cabinet maker, Grcic undoubtedly has been making an impressive portfolio throughout the years with a number of awards and nominations under his belt. Grcic has developed furniture and lighting for some of the leading companies of design, including among many others Vitra, Flos, Muji, Thoman Rosenthal and Mattiazzi, for which last one he came up with the wonderful Medici chair. Continue reading

Stack stoves: crisp creativity


Having and maintaining a pleasant temperature at home or in the office is quite essential to our well being, especially during cold weather as most of us experience these days. I don’t know which kind of heating systems you have chosen for or already found installed in your homes, but I do know that heating stoves are being quite popular once again, seen and constructed under new guidelines. Continue reading