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Foam Cloud

Welcome to Foam Cloud, a Photography Museum in Amsterdam offering three various clouds of light that are situated in a variety of spaces throughout the exhibit, highlighting different aspects of this Netherlands’ novelty.

With a minimal budget available but maximum exposure needed to appeal to the foot traffic that stream past the front door, the design team – comprised of architect, Francisco Colom, and lighting designer, Rogier van der Heide – had to put their most creative thinking caps on in order to execute such a space.



The end result included 42 fluorescent lamps that were used – actually reused – in order to re purpose what was already within the building, minimize installation costs, and maximize on creative prowess.

From an angle this space looks – shall we say, odd? But that is, in itself, part of the genius that pulls crowds in.

The clever use of the fluorescent lighting system forms the word FOAM in the air – depending on the angle it is approached from, and this artistic execution of genius is the enticing factor that brings people inside to see more of the same!


Design: Francisco Colom
Lighting Designer: Rogier van der Heide
Photography: Francisco Colom, Pablo Tejeda
Collaborators: Dick Vonk, Hans ten Voorde, Jesus Albadalejo, Roel Appelman, Manuel Coves, Mick Madder, Sergio Pla, Pablo Tejeda, David Wijns, and Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Minor Lighting)

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