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If you are a “read in bed” type of person, than LiliLite by Thijs Smeets is your new best friend! This little lady is the ultimate addition to any bedroom, shedding light on the latest book you just can’t put down.

Multi-functional in nature, this bookshelf, bookmark and reading light combo, allows you to pull your current reading material from the shelf, immediately prompting the light to turn on – illuminating your book in perfect alignment.

Then, once you’re done reading, you can place your book back on the shelf atop the specifically designed nook in order to hold your place for the next time you’re ready to explore your literary world. Plus the light automatically turns off once you put your book away, keeping your sleeping space the ideal shade of well-lit functionality.

book lamp shelf lililite3 - LiliLite

In fact, LiliLite truly reads your mind, with the light on/light off function, delivering a space saving visual delight and creating a wall statement and a solution for small spaces and expansive rooms alike.

Fueled by an interchangeable LED bulb, you can use any color or watt you desire, operating at maximum energy efficiency regardless of your choice, allowing you to turn on the lamp manually with a switch, or effortlessly as previously mentioned.

Constructed of steam pressed plywood in an American oak veneer finish, you can flip this light/shelf duo in any direction of your choosing, making life just a little cuter and a whole lot easier.

book lamp shelf lililite4 - LiliLite

Design: Thijs Smeets
Photography courtesy of Thijs Smeets

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