NI Parasol

The NI Parasol by Foxcat Design is a fabulous invention that combines a parasol and a garden torch. Its design is absolutely outstanding and it adds a touch of class and finesse to its environment. Imagine sitting on your patio or in your garden and having the NI Parasol light it up. Best of all, it comes with three different lighting options so that you can easily adjust the brightness and set the perfect mood every time. Continue reading


Trinity Hammocks

Imagine yourself relaxing on a far away beach, eyes resting comfortably on the horizon and a gentle breeze causing you to swing slightly in this incredible hammock designed by Trinity. Continue reading


Roof Terrace Design In Montreal

Behind an unassuming exterior door lies a breathtaking rooftop terrace designed by Martine Brisson. Ms. Brisson was the recipient of the 2012 Grand Prix Du Design 2012 in the “terrace” category. A successful space, says Brisson, “is one that evolves, one that the people who live in it can appropriate and change to make their life easier.” Her successful design implementation of this space is truly an achievement in bringing this philosophy to life. Each zone or space quietly intersects with one another, creating a flow that is unmistakably well thought out. Continue reading


Mon Oncle Barbecue Grill

Dressed for success, the Mon Oncle is the snazziest BBQ you will find. Designed by Barcelona based Mermelada Studio, the Mon Oncle transforms the ordinary BBQ into an extra-ordinary designer piece. At first glance, one sees an innocent looking vintage briefcase with a leather handle and two leather colored stripes. Upon inspection however, the well-planned inner BBQ is revealed. What a great twist! Continue reading


Kekkila Garden Sheds: The Shed of Your Dreams

This is not what I envision when you say “garden shed”, though that vision is forever changed. These pre-fab garden buildings will make you a gardener if you’re not already. Designed by Avanto Architects for Kekkila & Hasselfors Garden, four models are available to store your essential garden tools and serve as a greenhouse. Of course you can make use of them in any way you wish, including a dreamy lake side getaway. Continue reading


x3 Watering Can: bent in three places

Always it is true that the simpler design tends to be better than the more ornate and complicated. The x3 Watering Can satisfies this specification and then some. Manufactured from three pieces of copper, brass, or stainless steel, the x3 is a functional but nevertheless beautiful object and tool. The handle and spout are the same piece of metal that has been bent in three places to create a continuous form, hence the name: x3. Continue reading


Mini pool: well being experiences begin at home


Oh dear, let’s talk about swimming pools, shall we? Well, not the ones that require quite the space in a garden or the exotic ones that we can visit in one of these dreamy – and yes indeed sometimes costly! – resorts, but compact ones, mini pools that we can perhaps find a place in our roof top apartment, small garden or why not a spacious bathroom, even though this model is thought up for outdoors. Continue reading


The Cinebox: Inspire the Next Scorsese


I’ve always tried to make whatever television or computer setup I have resemble a movie theater as much as possible. I dreamed of pocket projects that would blast a film onto my old, completely white college dorm room wall. I bought big, external monitors for my laptop that sit high above my bed to produce a somewhat cavernous cinematic feel. Knowing of celebrities that built home theaters in their houses with soda cup holders and unlimited popcorn, I cannot help but think I will never have an impressive setup such as theirs. Continue reading


Roshults Barbeque Grills: high quality outdoor kitchen


Summer and grilling are best friends, wouldn’t you agree? What’s nicer than family or friends gathered altogether in the veranda or at the garden, preparing freshly grilled food on the spot while enjoying being outdoors? Depending on the size of your family and your available space, you may choose one of the three options from Roshuts Barbeque Grills, placing you only steps away from a high quality outdoor kitchen. Continue reading


Kettal Cottage Daybed: A miniature summer home


There is something incredibly inviting in the very concept of a “daybed”, wouldn’t you agree? It speaks of vacation, it signifies a break from the routine and it promises fractions of life well lived and enjoyed. It reminds of the Southern custom of siesta, a short, rejuvenating nap, lasting from 20 min up to 2 hours, taken during the middle of the day, in order to provide extra strength for nights long lived, much like it is used in countries like South Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece to name but a few. Blame it on the long summers and the particularly hot days, a daybed is a place much loved and deeply cherished. Continue reading