Clip Tree Valet: We’re hooked

After a long day’s work, it’s easy to walk in the door and just throw your stuff anywhere, all but later leaving you to frantically search high and low the next morning for your keys, cell phone, sunglasses, etc. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own personal valet waiting at the ready with your daily essentials in tow whenever you need them?

Meet the Clip Tree by Matthew Plumstead. This one-of-a-kind organizer has got you covered from head to toe. Continue reading


Stucked shelves: it’s all about perspectives

Few could disagree that life itself is all about the perspective every individual has on its happenings. Where some see obstacles, others see opportunities. Where some see opportunities, others in fact create them. Some devote their lives into self discovery and full self realization. Others are busy creating a puzzle out of fragments of other people’s lives. Whichever the case, it’s all a matter of perspective. Continue reading


Block: organizing and recycling made easy and fun!

When working with clients in redesigning and decorating their spaces, let it be living ones or working ones, I’m always careful to bring forward the importance and great impact organization and practicality have on beauty. If one wishes to live in a beautiful space, the need to start from these points is primary. Purchasing and adding pretty objects to our abodes comes long after we have dealt with less appealing matters such as for example, well… waste, rubbish or else garbage.

In the best of cases, we’ll chose practical and neat looking garbage bins, much like the Qualy Block, where we’ll separate and store all our households waste, till transported outside our homes and working places. Continue reading


ShelfLamp: facing the economic crisis, shelf by shelf

26 year old Italian designer William Raffredi certainly knows how to adjust to the difficult times of crises his own country as much as many others all around Europe and around the world are facing. To conceive and to create great design is one thing. To be able to do so by using low cost materials, easily found everywhere is taking design a step further and much more close to the needs of current societies.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines paired together with curves, the three different designs of shelves William has brilliantly come up with are simple constructions made of flat wooden boards, lengths of electrical cable, light bulbs and some light fixtures. Continue reading


Street multi unit: how many houses in your private… neighborhood?

Have you been also drawing these typical houses consisting of a square for the “body” and a triangle for the roof when you were children? Most probably you have and even more probably you have adored them, correct? As for myself, even today I cannot resist the cuteness of a logo featuring this darling combination of shapes standing for a house.

Now, let’s move our imagination forward a bit. Make a three dimensional design of your favorite childhood’s house, put it on a frame to lift it up on a higher level and use it to store books, magazines or even plants. Brilliant? Ingenious while so cute? Yes, indeed! Continue reading


Hang Up Wall Organizer from Vuur

Tired of clutter? Are you looking to keep those small things, like mail, keys, and wallets, out of the way but still within reach? – Check out Hang Up by Jeremiah Albrecht from Vuur. This is no ordinary wall hook, it’s a stylish wall organizer with a slim fit and a great design! Continue reading


Pots: a happy attachment of three for storage & decorative purposes

Pots is actually a collection of three little lovely pots attached to each other, designed by the architect Hans Thyge for the Danish brand Skagerak.

Made of white or black plastic and measuring 37,4 x 13,2 x 10,5 cm, they are ready to welcome your favorite flowers, cacti or succulents in the kitchen, the veranda or any other place you might find appealing to you. Continue reading


Kammerdiener him & her: a modern approach to servants?

Anything that pays respect to the union of female and male leaves me with a sense of unity, calm and completion. Take this simple yet wonderus concept, combine it with effortless, sleek design and my heart has been forever won.

What am talking about? The “him” and “her” versions of Stadtnomaden valets designed by Linda Altmann. Kammerdiener is the German word for “Valet”, which means nothing else but male servant. The company has taken the whole concept a step away by producing the same design, with slight differences in the shape of the arms edges. The male and female version of them. Continue reading


A La Carte System: A Mobile Kitchen with a Permanent Feel

More and more, we are looking for unique interior design solutions that keep things free, open and customizable. We want choices, we try to be more efficient with our space, with our energy, in order to live sustainable lives and leave a small imprint. Simplicity may be en vogue, but nobody wants to give up function, right? That’s exactly why I have to share the A La Carte System kitchen with you, from Stadtnomaden. Continue reading


Casamania Valises: a fresh look into the past

Are you perhaps charmed by the view of old suitcases, taking you back in time some decades ago when traveling seemed to be a big issue? Then it is quite possible that a modern and fresh interpretation of the stacked up on one another colorful, made of real or faux leather suitcases of the past will appeal to you, too. Continue reading