A La Carte System: A Mobile Kitchen with a Permanent Feel

More and more, we are looking for unique interior design solutions that keep things free, open and customizable. We want choices, we try to be more efficient with our space, with our energy, in order to live sustainable lives and leave a small imprint. Simplicity may be en vogue, but nobody wants to give up function, right? That’s exactly why I have to share the A La Carte System kitchen with you, from Stadtnomaden. Continue reading


Casamania Valises: a fresh look into the past

Are you perhaps charmed by the view of old suitcases, taking you back in time some decades ago when traveling seemed to be a big issue? Then it is quite possible that a modern and fresh interpretation of the stacked up on one another colorful, made of real or faux leather suitcases of the past will appeal to you, too. Continue reading


Caddy: order near the sink, happiness under one roof

Meet Caddy by Joseph Joseph. It has come to make clutter near the sink history. Washing up liquid bottles, brushes, sponges and wet or dry dishcloths will be all happily living together under the same roof.

Sounds like a dream? Well, in this case dreams can easily and inexpensively come true. In two color combinations, a dark and light grey one and a white and fresh green one, this set of convenience provides a basket to store the liquid bottle and brush, while the wet dishcloths can be comfortably hanging from the integrated rail, getting all nice and dry. Continue reading


Trashcan mug: a cup of office cleanness

Keeping a work surface clear and clean seems vital to my creativity and work pace, since typing on a keyboard and looking at a screen is an essential part of my job. Teas accompanied with mini snacks are often the case throughout a whole day and they sometimes do take place on the spot.

Can I also have a cup of cleanness to go with my cup of tea please? Yes? Wonderful. Cause I’d like to be able to separate the tea bag from the chocolate’s pretty wrapping, even before they reach the official recycling station, stylishly and discretely finding place in our kitchen down stairs. Continue reading


Pearl Bookcase: A Jewel For Any Open Space

The popularity of open plan living is definitely not declining – it seems people want it more and more. Especially those who live in big, busy cities, where open space is quite the luxury. If it’s possible to keep a space free and open, allowing the light to invade and give the space more of an airy feel, most would usually opt for that scenario.

A joined kitchen, living and dining area has become synonymous with modern life. But as nice as this concept seems, it can be challenging to keep the space organized in terms of function and to keep it flowing at the same time. That’s why a bookcase like Pearl from Modloft is a real jewel for any open space. Continue reading


Golden Bamboo Collection: Midas Touch

When we decorate our home it’s a bit tricky to stick with the original design theme we want to create. Most of the time we compromise because we know that we can’t find a complete set or matching furniture that will fit together perfectly. This is where the Golden Bamboo Collection comes to the rescue – This beautiful set is perfect for those who adore antique furniture with a sophisticated design that will make your guests go “wow!”. Continue reading


Arabica Storage Jars: a practical little work of art

These days it seems we need more storage solutions then ever…
Why, you ask? Simple, because we buy and collect more stuff, and at some point we need to find a place for all these items, so we can buy even more. But enough about consumerism culture… Today I found the most charming glass storage jars for my kitchen, called Arabica – perfect for storing and displaying various spices, unique tea blends and exotic coffee. Continue reading


Viitri Storage Containers: what’s in the box?

Sometimes when we want to organize our stuff we put them inside containers; most of the time we find ourselves with mountain of boxes that we don’t even remember what’s inside. The Viitri Storage Container Set is one of the best choices out there to keep your space both organized and ever-so-stylish, whether it’s the kitchen, office, or bathroom – it’s entirely up to you. Continue reading


Dishware Storage Chests: keep ‘em safe


Holidays and special occasions require special servings. Special servings require the best storage space – a uniquely design box that will store your dishware and dinnerware, keeping them safe and in mint condition, like Richards Homewares Storage Chests.

These storage chests are both efficient and elegant, offering the perfect way to protect your fine china and your best dishware. Each box features side handles and content cards for easy labeling – so no memory games nor guessing are involved whenever you need to use your special china. Continue reading


Componibili Tower Collection: Round and round


Who said storage units have to be square? The Componibili Tower Collection challenges this common perception and does it in an original and exceptional way, which adds a refreshing look to your home decor. The different modules have been designed to provide unique storage and organizing solutions for the home and office.

The Componibili is available in two sizes: 12.5” and 16.5” in diameter. The smaller version is available as either double tiered or triple tiered storage units, whereas the larger version is actually a modular system. There are three pieces available, two separate storage units and a closure lid. True, you can get it in a square shape too, but let’s admit it – round is much more interesting, isn’t it? Continue reading