shelf lamp raffredi 4 - ShelfLamp: facing the economic crisis, shelf by shelf

ShelfLamp: facing the economic crisis, shelf by shelf


26 year old Italian designer William Raffredi certainly knows how to adjust to the difficult times of crises his own country as much as many others all around Europe and around the world are facing. To conceive and to create great design is one thing. To be able to do so by using low cost materials, easily found everywhere is taking design a step further and much more close to the needs of current societies.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines paired together with curves, the three different designs of shelves William has brilliantly come up with are simple constructions made of flat wooden boards, lengths of electrical cable, light bulbs and some light fixtures.

After all it’s not the materials one uses, but the clever use and combination of them. Not that there is anything wrong with using the simplest of materials! I’m personally mostly charmed by the down to earth, yet inspired functionality of these shelves and can envision them in more than a few corners of our own home. Totally attracted to the tall bookcase like unit, which I also see as a great room divider, on the one side of which the perfect reading nook could be situated.


Whether a shelf, a desk and or a bookcase, they are designed and well thought off yet spontaneous. They definitely make the hearts of many young and hip people beat faster, while the more daring ones will indulge and merge them in with their more classic style in a mix and match manner.




* More info at William Raffredi

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