urban gnome - Urban Gnome-Renew your garden design

Urban Gnome-Renew your garden design

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These Urban Gnome were hand made in the UK and designed by the great guys at Vitamin, a UK based design company. These garden urban gnomes have been treated in minimalistic graphical design, which makes them quite different from the classical garden gnomes we all know.

Made out of beautiful bone china these garden urban gnomes will set you back at £49.50 at the Vitamin store. They are roughly 8″ / 20,5 cm tall and can upgrade any garden design, just place them under a leafy bush or tree and I’m sure all your neighbors will stop to take a peek.

Did you know?
A gnome is a small-sized mythical creature who has often been compared to a gnarled old man living deep underground who guards a buried treasure. The first garden gnomes were made in the town of Gräfenroda in Thuringia, Germany in the mid-1800s by Phillip Griebel. Griebel made terracotta animals as decorations and created the gnome based on local myths as a way for people to enjoy the stories of the gnomes’ willingness to help in the garden at night.


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