Your own Monopoly board

monopoly-board-gameEveryone likes the Monopoly board game. But, what if you could customize your own Monopoly board game?

With Firebox’s “My Monopoly” you can build up your property portfolio round your own official, made-to-order board featuring places, spaces and icons of your choice. Forget about Fenchurch Street and Marylebone Station; your own Monopoly board game allows you to build a property empire on spaces named by you, for you.

Simply send your requirements and in a couple of weeks you’ll have your very own one-of-a-kind game with your name in the middle of the board, custom-made at the official Monopoly Factory.

Playing spaces can be named after real streets, pretend places, friends, enemies – you name it. The possibilities are endless. You can select the Monopoly board icons you’d like to appear on the station squares and choose from several themed boards as well as the original Traditional Monopoly board.

monopoly-board-gamePackaged in a gorgeous presentation tin, your own Monopoly board game can be a fantastic gift idea for your family and friends.

“The world is full of boring products… At Firebox we try to do things a little differently. We search high and low for things with a twist. Products that are inspirational, quirky, bizarre and downright fun.”


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5 thoughts on “Your own Monopoly board

  1. Ahmad

    hi mate, im living in the UK, i went on holiday to home country in portugal, but i cant find the portuguese edition of monopoly. do u guys sell the portuguese version?

    *sorry i left a spelling mistake on the last comment the last comment

  2. Ryan Driver

    Hi all,

    I work on a ship and would like to design a monopoly board for the places we go to to sell in our shop. The My Monopoloy is a good step forward but i would like to have the pictures of the places on the board too. so not just the names! Does anyone know how this could be achieved?

  3. Nelson Mendes

    Hi! My name’s Nelson and i’m from portugal. How can i get my monopoly if i’m from portugal. Only if your from the Uk.

  4. cheriemalona

    Every town or huge company would love to design it for their main location and sub locations. Can they manipulate the cards. What fun – I have a group of women designing board games — Once they are ready for development – Would you be interested? Cherie`


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