behive - BeHive: entertaining tent

BeHive: entertaining tent


One of the best entertaining ideas that I would like to share with you is the BeHive from Extremis. It’s an outdoor piece of furniture that is based upon a round trampoline, positioned about 60 cm high above the surface. It’s surrounded by very comfortable side cushions you can either sit, lean or hang against.

The thing that makes the Extremis BeHive a great entertaining idea is that everyone can lounge and chill out sipping champagne or herbal tea in a well defined, totally informal entertaining area which is not the custom table and chair concept.

The trampoline fabric is very comfortable and automatically adapts to the form of your body. There’s also a Corral table in the middle of the BeHive so that everybody can reach it. A fabric covered dome can be placed on top of BeHive giving it a more defined decor look. It feels as if you are entertaining friends in the middle of the desert in a middle eastern entertaining tent, giving it a certain adventurous atmosphere. Tre Chic.




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