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Tea Code Cup

kitchen-gadgets-teaAnother great kitchen gadget from KEDO is a tea cup called the “Tea Code Cup”. Imagine yourself lounging in your kitchen taking a mid-afternoon teatime break enjoying a hot cup of tea. isn’t is annoying when the tea bag string sticks, in spite of your efforts, to the cup or even worse, to your face?

That’s exactly why KEDO designed this cool kitchen gadget for all us tea enthusiasts. This cute gadget is basically a tea cup which has a look of a sleeve with a colored button on it. You can just lace up your tea bag around the Tea Code Button then roll up you sleeves and enjoy a soothing afternoon break.

The Tea Code Cup has a double-layered porcelain insulation so you want burn your hands and it comes in two variations: a big cuff open or a small cuff off. Button colors are available in red, orange, light green, coffee, green and gray.

Great product design and a cool gadget.

“KEDO stands for Keenness, Experience, Design, and Originality. It resembles a dialogue box that pops out above a curious mind in search of next unexpected surprise…The brand KEDO expresses the nature of curiosity of its creators and a living style of always being interested.”

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  1. Reut

    I’m interested in these Tea Code tea cups. Any idea how or where can I get them? Any information would be helpful!



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